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Automatic toothpaste dispenser and protective toothbrush holder

Automatic toothpaste dispenser and protective toothbrush holder

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Automatically Toothpaste Dispenser:

  • Vacuum technology Pump out last drop of toothpaste to avoids waste of toothpaste
  • Freely control the amount of toothpaste, easily and quickly, and also avoid wasting your money.
  • This dispenser allows you to quickly, easily and neatly dispense just the right amount of toothpaste directly onto your brush.

Hygienic, Convenience and Economy

  • Hygienic: Toothbrush holder keep your toothpaste and brush dry and clean.
  • Convenience: One-touch automatically squeeze appropriate amount of toothpaste
  • Economy: A great way to eliminate waste, save money and keep your family bathroom organized and clean.

 Keeps your bathroom neat and orderly:

  • Toothbrush holder keeps your toothbrush safe, clean.
  • Vented cover keeps bristles dry and sanitary.
  • The holder can simultaneously released 3-5pcs toothbrushes.

 Wide Applications: 

  • Applicable to various brands of toothpaste.
  • Applicable to most toothbrush on the market
  • Electric toothbrushes do not fit together on the toothbrush set Because of its shape is so special.

Easy Installation:

  • All Come with 3M double-side stickers.
  • Easy to install without tools. Wall mounted without drilling or hurting the wall.
  • Suitable for mirror, ceramic tile, glass, metal paint or other smooth surfaces.


  • For the first use, keep the walls dry and clean.
  • Paste the product on the wall at least 24 hours for the first use.
  • There may be too tight channel conditions happens in mold forming process, in order to ensure squeeze out of toothpaste smoothly, please use something to clear the channel before you install the toothpaste(the first using).
  • Before installation, exhaust the air inside the tube of toothpaste. When installation, we recommend you to rotate to insert the toothpaste in order to drain the air out. If there is too much air in the toothpaste tube, you need to push the grooves for more times. And after using for a few times, with the air drained, the squeeze toothpaste will become more and more smooth.
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